Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, in Film, TV and Commercials, Nina started her career with the BBC learning her craft on shows such as Alexei Sayle, The Russ Abbot Show and various period Dramas. In commercials she works with several well known TV comedy Directors and Actors.

Personalities & Actors

Kevin Bacon, Personal make up artist on EE commercials

Francis Barber, Kelly Brook, Ruby Wax, Denise Van Outen, Vanessa Phelps, Joanna Page, Eartha Kitt, Louise Lombard, Jaime Winston, Lulu, David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Michael Owen, Ian Wright, Johnny Vegas, Greg Wise, Dominic West, Ray Winston, Martin Freeman, Ewan McGregor, Michael Sheen, Colin Firth, Phillip Glennister, Heston Blumenthal, Emilia Fox and Vinnie Jones.

Film & TV work includes

Short films for Ken Russell, Paul Gay and Theo Delaney
Prosthetics on Red Dwarf
Dailies on The Krays, Prince of Thieves, Kenneth Brannagh’s Frankenstein, and Bridget Jones 3


Diageo Drinks – Trevor Melvin (Tank)
Mettle – Tiny Bullet (Thomas Thomas)
Dettol – Paul Gay (Darling)
Santander – Declan Lowney (Another Film Company)
EE (personal make up artist to Kevin Bacon) – Henry Scofield (Caviar)
Halifax – Declan Lowney (Another Film Company)
EE – Howard Einstein (Outsider)
Nurofen – Matt Rhodes (Hunky Dory)
Royal Mail – Tom Green (M&C Saatchi)
EE – Steve Bendelax (Hungryman)
Experian – Declan Lowry (Another)
MWN Helpline – Theo Delaney (Watchable)
118 118 – Olly Williams (Another)
Schweppes – Gary Friedman (Independant)
Sainsburys – Owen Harris (Outsider)
Unilever – Erroll Morris (Moxie Pictures)
Doritos – Olly Williams (HSI)
Microsoft – Brian Buckley (Hungryman)
Cadburys – Jim Hoskins (Hungryman)
B Sky B – Sniper Twins (Smuggler)
Wheatabix – Juan Diaz (Smuggler)
Doritos – Olly Williams (HSI)
Halfords – Gary Friedman (Independent)
Carling – Sniper Twins (Smuggler)
Expedia – Frank Todaro (Moxie Pictures)
PG Tips – Steve Bendelack (Hungryman)
Go Compare – Ben Wheatley (Moxie Pictures)


KFC – Paul Gay (Waspface)
Heston at Home – Rob Blishen (Channel 4)
Nescafe – Paul Gay (Waspface)
British Heart Foundation – Wayne McClammy (HungryMan)
Cadburys – Taika Waikiki (HungryMan)
Harveys – Steve Bendelax (HungryMan)
Diageo – Calle Astrand (Dab Hand Media)
Axe – Tim Godsall (Biscuit Filmworks)
Gordons Gin – Paul Gay (HungryMan)
Superdrug – Paul Gay (HungryMan)
Halfords – Paul Gay (HungryMan)
Budweiser – Scott Vincent (HungryMan) – Bryan Buckley (HungryMan)
Camelot – Roenberg (Therapy)
Microsoft – Bryan Buckley (HungryMan)
Kit Kat – Ron Scapello (Rogue)
Walkers – Declan Lowney (HSI)
Fosters – Tim Bullock (HungryMan)
Doritos – David Shane (MJZ/ O-Positive)
Activia – Sam Cadman (Rogue)
Thunderball – John Greenhalgh (Station)
Anti Video Piracy – Theo Delaney (Hotspur & Argyle)
Kelloggs – Jim Jenkins (O-Positive)
Virgin Media – Steve Hudson (HungryMan)
Lynx – Glue Society (RadicalMedia)
Virgin one Account – Kevin McDonald (Rogue)
Pimms – Hank Perlman (HungryMan)
Egg – Alan ~Coulter (HungryMan)
Ikea – Hank Perlman (HungryMan)

Tv & Dramas

Kevin Bacon, Personal make up artist on EE commercials

Alexis Sayle
Terry Wogan
First of the Summer Wine
BBC News
Red Dwarf IV and V
Teenage Health Freak
Smack and Thistle
Trial and Retribution
The Orchid House